TUVA IS working with InfluxData again in EMEA


December 13, 2023

TUVA IS working with InfluxData again in EMEA

We are thrilled to announce that we are working with the team at InfluxData again in EMEA, a TUVA time series favourite.

Time is the most important commodity anyone or thing has. Time waits for no one and the ability to use it effectively is often the difference between success or failure. We use databases to measure and record all sorts of things, but it’s only with the explosion of sensor data that we’ve truly been able to measure and understand trends using time-stamped data.

We've been working with Influx data to highlight that, just like Gen AI, real world applications of AI require huge volumes of data to deliver insights into system behaviour. Unlike Gen AI, however, these real world applications rely on vast amounts of real-world - real-time - data.
Put another way, they rely on time series data!

We've got some great results for InfluxData so far, and can't wait to continue working with them in the new year.

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