Day in the life of a TUVA intern


August 27, 2021

Day in the life of a TUVA intern

As a first year University student, I was keen to use the summer break to explore the business world and test the waters of industries of interest. Inspired by the likes of Malcolm Tucker and others in TV and film - along with friends’ stories of working in PR - I was keen to explore the communications and PR industry. The internship program at TUVA gave me the ideal opportunity to gain practical and informative experience.

While my media lists and social media posts were unlikely to light up the world, the work I was doing was substantive and felt genuinely valuable to the company. Rather than bottom-of-the-barrel tedium, I was writing articles or making videos that seemed to have actual utility to TUVA and I was always provided feedback on the merits or flaws of my work. 

Furthermore, whereas elsewhere I have seen friends wrestle through mountains of monotonous work (or conversely twiddle their thumbs all day) at internships, my workload was almost entirely determined by me. I had no interest in being an office barista or an over worked temp so being afforded this middle ground was very satisfying and helpful. Moreover, as someone who ditched Science and Maths the day I left a sweltering exam hall at 16, being given the time to familiarise myself with the often complex tech companies I was writing or researching for was very useful.

At times it seemed as if there was some sort of puerile competition within the tech industry to see who could create the most confusing “About Us” section on their website so working without severe time constraints and a team who were eager to explain complex technologies was very hospitable. That being said, learning about new developments in the world of tech, from microwave boilers to quantum computing, was a surprisingly fascinatingaspect of my two weeks at TUVA.

Though office time was limited as the team operate a work from anywhere policy three days a week, I was still able to grasp the interpersonal aspects of working in PR and meet a team of hardworking and genial professionals*,* who were always helpful and supportiveregardless of location.

I can say for certain that with regards to the communications industry my interest is well and truly piqued and I am grateful to TUVA for the opportunity to explore their day to day working life – hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

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