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Prostate cancer is now the single biggest killer disease for men, but new innovative treatments can mean a much higher chance of survival and without the lifechanging effects of radical surgery.  The problem is that too few patients know of the alternatives offered by the top prostate doctors.  A new organisation, ProstateExperts.com turned to Tuva Partners to communicate the potential of the new diagnostics and treatments.


The Brief

ProstateExperts.com asked TUVA to communicate the opportunities of the new treatment and diagnostic technologies.  The intention was to reach newly referred patients who were looking at alternatives to traditional surgical techniques by reaching them as they researched the topic.  


What we did

TUVA worked with its integrated design partners to create a brand and informational website that would answer the key questions of new patients.  The web site also provided the evidence of the success of the new diagnostic and treatment alternatives along with information on where patients could find expert prostate specialists who could provide them.

TUVA then used a combination of Google and Facebook channels to promote ProstateExperts.com to newly diagnosed patients. 



The social media campaign by Tuva generated over 18,000 hits on the ProstateExpert.com domain per month, while the content of the site established it to be one of the most reliable reference points for the latest prostate care technologies available to patients.  

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