OUR WORK | Libelium: The Internet of Kings


Bringing the past to life with Spain’s leading IoT solutions provider.



We have a deeper understanding of our surroundings than at any other time in human history. Networks of wireless sensors connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) monitor and manage everything from water quality to entire smart cities. Zaragoza, Spain-based Libelium is a company working at the forefront of delivering innovative IoT solutions for applications as diverse as agricultural improvement to preserving historic monuments. TUVA was tasked with bringing these solutions to life for audiences in the UK and beyond.  


What we did

TUVA worked with Libelium to develop a story and compelling media campaign around the use of its sensors to monitor and maintain the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. TUVA used this to simultaneously build the company’s relations with key analyst firms and to develop the profile of Libelium’s CEO, Alicia Asin, as a thought leader in the IoT sector.



The story saw coverage across a range of industry trade publications including Computer Weekly, ZDNet and IoT Enterprise Insights following a successful round of targeted briefings with key media and analyst targets. Alicia has also been profiled in a feature interview on NS Business and numerous other titles, whilst TUVA continues to help craft thought leadership articles that have appeared in key IoT titles such as IoT Now and IoT World Today.


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