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Innolith, a new company in the highly crowded battery market, asked Tuva to help develop its brand identity and launch the company across media and social channels.



As the world moves from fossil fuels to electrification the greatest challenge is energy storage.  By 2025 up 100 million electric vehicles will on the world’s roads and the grid operators need to store the energy from wind and solar farms.  All of this will take batteries in huge numbers and Innolith wanted to be positioned as the company that could provide the battery platform for the next generation of energy storage.


What we did 

TUVA worked with Innolith to develop the core positioning proposition of the company.  This was used as the basis for the corporate identity that was built by brand design partner agency Kimpton Creative and included all physical branding as well as the web site and social channels.  The positioning also formed the basis the media launch of the company and subsequent social and press campaigns that were executed by TUVA.



Innolith on the battery market with extensive articles based on the depth and potential of its battery technology platform.  This included an article at launch in the Financial Times as well as coverage in Clean Technica and Greentech Media among 50 other launch articles on Innolith.  Subsequent campaign’s by Tuva saw Innolith’s announcement of a 1000km range EV battery feature in hundreds of articles including The Verge, Mail Online, AutoExpress and Die Welt and profile articles on Innolith also appeared in Wired, Bloomberg and Spiegel.  


“The work by Tuva has helped create a real momentum behind Innolith and positioned us firmly as a company with great potential in the battery market,” says Alan Greenshields, Chairman of Innolith AG.  

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