OUR WORK | InfluxData: Time to Awesome


InfluxData is one of the hottest startups in the fastest-growing segment of the database market: time series. Combining thought leadership with local user references, TUVA has worked to establish the company as ‘one to watch’ in Europe.



InfluxData has rapidly become the posterchild for a new generation of database technologies purpose-built to ingest, store and analyse huge volumes of time-stamped metrics in real-time. Well-known in its North American market, the company enlisted TUVA to help build a profile for its technology in the European market.


What we did 

The agency worked closely with local InfluxData sales team from early on to develop a bank of user references and local growth stats that would be included as part of a media launch into the region. The team developed storylines around the range of applications that could be built on top of InfluxData’s technology to help tell a story that would be relevant to regional media.



The agency has worked with the marketing and senior team at InfluxData to conduct almost 20 media interviews over a three-month period. The interviews have given InfluxData and its customers the opportunity to tell their ‘time to awesome’ stories with the likes of Financial Times, Computerworld, Computer Weekly and Forbes.  The resulting coverage has helped to differentiate the company’s technology, as well as showing its firm commitment to the region.


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