OUR WORK | Carruthers & Jackson: Creating a Global Data Cheerleader


When Caroline Carruthers approached TUVA to support a series of initiatives and events designed to promote data literacy within businesses, the agency spotted an opportunity to elevate the story.



With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day in the UK alone, how organisations manage and use their data is the difference between success or failure. Step forward Caroline Carruthers, one of the first of a new generation of executives responsible for shaping data strategy: the Chief Data Officer. Caroline tasked TUVA with the brief to raise the profile of her new consultancy, Carrurthers & Jackson, and drive attendance to DataTalks, the first of a series of events created exclusively for the Chief Data Officer.


What we did 

TUVA worked with the client to develop a series of storylines – topics like skills and recruitment, privacy, fear of data and enablement - that would help to elevate the programme beyond promoting a series of initiatives in isolation, and instead position Carruthers & Jackson as championing the cause for a whole new generation of executives with the power to enable their businesses through data. Caroline would be the champion data cheerleader for the campaign.



The resulting campaign has seen Caroline, and by association Carruthers & Jackson, interviewed on a huge range of data-related topics by the likes of the BBC’s Today Programme, Tech Tent, Diginomica, Information Age and IDG Connect. Caroline has featured in global lists as one of the most influential people in technology and data.

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