INSIGHTS | Weaving the Story Together:


As an agency, TUVA spans the IT, Energy, Medtech and Fintech sectors.  At first glance that might look like a slightly ad hoc collection of specialisations, but on closer inspection there is a golden thread that links these sectors and is drawing them into an even closer ecosystem.  

The energy sector is an example.  This was once a relatively straightforward architecture of generation, transmission and distribution with supporting ancillary services such as frequency and voltage regulation.  But the arrival of renewable energy sources, introduction of energy storage and advent of IoT has revolutionised the concept of the grid.  Today’s power networks pull in gigabytes of performance data through IoT solutions that can be analysed in real time and used to performance manage the grid through AI techniques.  This means that the consumer experience can be enhanced, costs decreased and energy inefficiencies eliminated.  

In medical technology the potential of AI is massive in the analysis of imaging for diagnostic purposes.  The advent of causal analytics – the algorithms that power DeepMind as well as the optimisation engines of Amazon and Netflix – is already transforming our understanding and providing insights that would go beyond human interpretation.  Across the health sector today the use of embedded sensors and IoT networks is becoming ubiquitous and the information these provide is empowering a new approach to medicine.  

Nowhere has the impact of IT been felt more profoundly than in the financial sector.  A seachange has occurred across the sector as IT tears up the status quo and opens the field to new challenger banks and financial services providers.  The implementation of new information technologies such time-series databases, and the applications and analytics that this will enable, promises another quantum change in this sector.

The technology golden thread that has enabled these massively beneficial changes will continue to be weaved into the fabric of these sectors and many more beyond. As an agency we thrive on working with leaders and innovators in these spaces and look forward to helping more and more brands tell their stories to the right people, for the right reasons. 

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