INSIGHTS | Starting a New Job on a Global Lockdown:


Starting a new job is always exciting, getting to know new people, getting up to speed with clients and processes, and trying out a new commute. However, my first week at TUVA Partners, as a Junior Account Executive was quite different, as I almost immediately had to turn around and leave the office. 

This was, of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where I was amongst the thousands scattering off trains and out of offices to be holed up at home. It was at this point that it became clear that my first week was going to be slightly different than expected. 

Monday was my first ever day working from home, and elements of it were very enjoyable. Our team meetings, client calls, emails and WhatsApp’s were sociable and felt fairly normal. 

However, it started to get strange as more of my family gradually got sent home from their various workplaces across London. We quickly established the ‘Clark family office’, and like some kind of underfunded start-up, we spread out across the kitchen, claiming different desk spaces.  

Various online meetings started popping up in all corners of the house, and I began having to jump over leads and precariously placed laptops, as people angled themselves towards the best Wi-Fi spots in the house.

Very quickly the realisation that we could be isolating for months hit me, and I saw that remote working could become quite challenging - after all I was not only trying to get to know my new colleagues, but also learn a new trade. 

I’m pleased to say that four days in and my new team are doing their best to keep moral up, from daily all hands meeting, to witty GIFs on the company WhatsApp group. Not to mention, still taking the time to talk me through tasks, teach me how to use the various tools and quickly bringing me into client activity. 

Hopefully in the future, I’ll look back on my first few months at TUVA as a strange time where I learnt a lot… but one I and most others will not rush to repeat. 

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the virtual Friday afternoon drinks!

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