INSIGHTS | It’s the 20’s again – time for the golden age of tech?:


Happy New Year from everyone at TUVA Partners. 

We find ourselves in the 20’s again. The first-time round (1920’s) might have been known for jazz, art deco, political movements and a fashion boom; our so-called “roaring 20’s” will no doubt be more focused around the tech boom, culture shifts and seismic political changes…ok, so some things don’t change.

Only a few days into the new year and all eyes were focused on CES taking place in Vegas. With lots of items on show and being talked about, key topics such as security, automation and electric vehicles were bound to take centre stage.

You couldn’t move without hearing about some sort of security issue or leak in 2019 and with more and more devices now being connected it is not only a hot topic for businesses, but also anyone with a device in their pocket. 

If the 20’s are going to avoid being known for being the ‘security blunder years’ then we all need to sit up and pay more attention to what our devices can do, the data that is behind them and what we are giving away. 

Yes, corporations need to take responsibility for encryption and security protocols in their tech, but if the general public remain untrained and unaware of how they can protect themselves, no matter what golden technology is birthed at CES or other events like it, we will continue to lose priceless data and information until something truly disastrous happens. 

The New Years honours leak is a good example. This was not a technology breach, but a simple human error resulting from someone uploading a document they shouldn’t have. Yes, accidents happen, but with the right awareness and training, they won’t be happening quite so often and on such a grand scale.

So, while the 1920’s gave us ‘crystal’ radios, the car headrest and the first traffic lights, today we look on as the latest smart TV's, fridges and driverless cars arrive on the scene. The really interesting movements are to be found in the tech behind the glamour; the software which will stop the bad things from happening and open up an almost infinite array of technological innovation for the world. This is the technology that can put the Roar into the Roaring 20s.

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